Musicians are the untouched influences brands are now jumping on – but with real audience value.

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Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing forms of branding and has now seen up to 93% of brands connect with influencers in a bid to increase brand awareness and reach new audiences. Until recently, though, musicians were the untouched influencers. Now, though, companies from an array of industries are turning their marketing efforts up to 11 with help from popular artists.

Brands can now connect to musicians from varying genres to establish strong partnerships that deliver real value to their audiences. Here’s why they are now perceived as the ideal way to promote a company of any size.

Bands are the great influencers

Taco Bell is a company that has embraced the power of partnerships with musicians for many years through schemes like its Feed the Beat program for touring bands. Public Relations & Brand Experience manager Matt Prince explains that: “Artists almost become culture, and they drive behaviour.” In short, musicians are the great influencers who can impact consumer decisions with extremely powerful results.

It is particularly evident with youth audiences, who may choose their smartphone, fashion, or food choices based on the brands that their favourite musician is associated to. However, the impact of an artist’s recommendation can penetrate virtually all demographics.

Music drives excitement

Most people follow their favourite bands and brands on social media. They are particularly receptive to what musicians have to say. Given that consumers interact with hundreds of brands every day, most ad campaigns have very little impact. Brands have quickly discovered that a partnership with musicians keeps them excited and engaged. Not least when the connections are built around experiences that are linked to the brand’s products.

Pabst Blue Ribbon uses exclusive pop-up events that celebrate music and beer to achieve stunning results. A community vibe can be particularly useful, which is why Australian brands may find that connecting with Aussie music creatives is the right solution.

Promoting Australian Brands By Combining Content

Marketing and Australian Favourite Musicians

Artists boast authenticity

Musicians are the most authentic influencers in the public spotlight, especially those who try to make statements through their art. Audiences often flock to bands and singers they can relate to, especially when they have shared outlooks and care about the same issues.

The Levi’s Music Project, which has connected with grime artists like Skepta and Stormzy, has supported community projects to showcase upcoming talent. Partnerships like this, as well as a similar program by VANS, help define and showcase a brand’s personality to connect with prospective customers in a meaningful way. Most artists take care with the partnerships they form to protect their own image. As such, brands are set to reap rewards.

Musicians can be leveraged for long-term success

Most marketers will agree that brand awareness is the most important objective. People establish a deep emotional connection to music. Brands can capitalise on the power of music through partnerships with Australian music creatives who facilitate this.

The Under Armor Natural Born Hitters campaign is a great example of using music for big rewards. Aside from running a competition, the winning track became the ad for the NFL Monday Night Football slot. Hearing that sound alone can make consumers instantly think about the Under Armor brand. When combined with the presence of Pharell Williams, the audience value was simply incredible. Creative brands and artists can enjoy similar benefits.

The final word

Brands can benefit massively from bands. Consider them for your next marketing campaign.

Promoting Australian Brands By Combining Content

Marketing and Australian Favourite Musicians