How Brands Can Use Bands to Reach Audiences Deeper and Cheaper

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How Brands Can Use Bands to Reach Audiences Deeper and Cheaper


Modern business owners are always looking for the most effective ways to increase brand awareness and customer engagement. While it might not sound like the most obvious choice, partnering with bands and musicians could be the perfect solution for your upcoming marketing campaigns. Research shows that 71% of consumers enjoy branding partnerships but connecting with other brands isn’t the only option. From local musicians to global bands, there are plenty of artists who are ready to connect with companies like yours. When done well, it will help your marketing strategy hit all the right notes.

Five reasons to use musicians and bands for marketing purposes

Before reaching out to bands or artists, companies need to vindicate the decision. Here are just five reasons why partnerships with musicians can strike a chord with your audience.

Music can instantly define your brand message

Music has the capacity to establish an emotional atmosphere that can work wonders to define your brand. In fact, music is shown to boost brand recognition by 46% while 74% of young adults feel more connected to a brand thanks to music. Partnering with a musician that understands and reflects your brand can make a world of difference. If you think the choice of music to represent your brand is a minor issue, consider this: would you use Parkway Drive to promote a women’s fragrance? Exactly.

Music is powerful and memorable

The power of music is evident in every aspect of media. If you’ve watched Stranger Things, Running Up That Hill probably plays through your mind 100 times a day. Meanwhile, we can all remember jingles from our favourite radio or TV commercials. Likewise, we all have certain songs or pieces of music that take us back to special moments in our lives. When a memorable and evocative song accompanies your marketing campaigns, your brand – as well as the music itself – becomes stuck in their mind.

Promoting Australian Brands By Combining Content

Marketing and Australian Favourite Musicians

Partnerships with musicians create the wow factor

Consumers interact with thousands of brands every week, but only a few will make a lasting impression. Music, especially if it’s from a known artist, can capture a consumer’s attention like nothing else. Meanwhile, it overcomes the challenge presented by an average attention span of just 8 seconds. Once you’ve got their attention, the road ahead looks smoother.

The brand will also stand out for doing something that only a small number of companies do. Therefore, it can become a valuable part of the overall marketing strategy.

Musicians can bring their audience to yours

Reaching new audiences and expanding your client base are key objectives for any marketing campaign. When partnering with a band or musician, it is almost certain that their fans will listen to the songs or watch the branded videos. This instantly creates a connection to your brand. Another important facet to consider, many will want to use the products that the artists use too.

Whether it’s a band with a local following or a major singer with a global fanbase, their ability to put new eyes on your brand will deliver great value for money.

Engaging content becomes cheaper to make

Brands spend a lot of money on marketing, and rightly so. However, the key is to get value for money. Whether it’s a brand takeover on social media, a live streamed gig, or a product video featuring an artist, bands are a great option. They offer fantastic versatility for a range of low-cost productions that yield quality results and fast (even immediate) turnarounds.

While the biggest artists may charge a fortune, many smaller bands and musicians will offer a very affordable rate – especially if they like the brand and feel it is good for exposure.

How brands can partner with bands

Knowing that you want to partner with a musician is one thing, but finding the right artist is another. We can help connect musicians to brands for mutually beneficial partnerships. Whether it’s a one-off link or an ongoing relationship, the possibilities are endless.

And when brands truly unlock the power of sound, conversions and customer loyalty will soar.

Promoting Australian Brands By Combining Content

Marketing and Australian Favourite Musicians