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From an investor point of view, there is nothing more exciting than collaborating with a company at the very beginning of its journey, and then watching it flourish in a world that’s always searching for the next big thing.

At Aussie Sounds that opportunity is now available to astute investors as we aim to fundamentally transform the digital streaming experience for live music events.

Aussie Sounds.

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Global digital video advertising

In 2022, global digital video advertising is projected to reach AUD281 billion, roughly 23 percent of the total of $870 billion invested in digital advertising across all formats. That total spend is expected to rise to $1.2 trillion by 2026, and with musical content underpinning that growth, Aussie Sounds are the innovators in the market leading the charge to new horizons.

Investment Digital advertising

Empowering artist

From our base in Northern NSW, Aussie Sounds is providing deeper connections with brands to support the streaming experience with an immersive and technologically ground-breaking approach. Just as some artists are able to sync their music through placements in adverts, TV or film, all musicians on the Aussie Sounds platform will build a symbiotic relationship with brand ambassadors through corporate advertising, and therefore enabling a low-cost entry point for end users.

Through a mixture of augmented and virtual reality, our 100% owned Australian company are reframing the streaming environment which empowers artists to earn an income way beyond the meagre crumbs available to them from current business models. With the creation and delivery of content and design that is on-brand, on-point and of value to the Aussie Sounds community, investors can be satisfied that they are giving back to the arts industry and allowing artists to break free from the financial torment that has always held them back. In other words, when you feed the artist, you feed the world.


New income strategies

As business owners who are ploughing significant capital into the start-up, we understand the importance of using funds wisely, and in a manner that is in the best interests of shareholders, artists and the company itself. With Heath Donald at the helm and his decades of experience building multiple successful brands, the streaming world is now providing a new income strategy for both investors and musicians.

Multi-National organisations such as Red Bull, Coca Cola, Gucci, Uber, and Verizon, recognise the importance of event sponsorship as they invest enormous amounts of capital into the global $100 billion a year market.

Investment Strategy

The visibility and association with artists that dominate the digital world is something that all corporations have a burning desire to participate in. All generations listen to and watch music performances. The appetite is insatiable, and will only be met by cutting edge broadcasters such as Aussie Sounds. Taking digital streaming to people everywhere, brand prominence is assured through an investment strategy that promises to build on our successful story as we continue to commercialise the content.

Join with our company and make a difference to the way the world values its artists.

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