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Aussie Sounds is proud to present our six pilot shows through 2022 and 2023.

Live Stream Concerts.

Bi-monthly “live stream” concerts featuring a headline act and support act will forge a path that redesigns the dream for Australian artists and performers.

Aussie Sounds is the first and finest fully collaborative opportunity for artists across the nation. From established bands to rising stars, Aussie Sounds aligns with artists to augment and empower their brand, their image and their creativity while ensuring they are fully and properly compensated for creating and performing.

It’s a whole new world of opportunity, publicity and income for Australian artists, performers and musicians.

22 November 2022 @ 6.00PM

Aussie Sounds Pilot 01.

Bangalow A&I Hall, Bangalow NSW (Byron Shire)

Streamed live and recorded as High Definition video and Studio Quality Audio

No Frills Twins.

Local heroines Vanessa and Arna are the No Frills Twins and have developed a style that is very much their own.

They started out in 2012, posting singing video’s to Youtube for their grandma overseas. To their surprise, people from all over the world began to listen, engage and support them.

Over the past ten years that has morphed into a passion for “meaningful pop”, bringing intense topics into focus with contagious melodies to make impact.

Vanessa is the primary melody maker and Arna, the lyricist – but who can tell them apart when they perform.

They are the perfect creative team with a flair for show stopping visuals.

Jesse Witney.

Everything about Jesse Witney and his beautifully soulful music epitomizes Byron Bay.

Performing with an overarching positivity, combining conscious lyrics with remarkable guitar work, Jesse transports listeners to their heart and back again.

Turn On. Tune In. Never Drop Out.